Joe Pope

LiFe, love, loss & Precipitation

Joe has been writing music from the time he was a teenager. "I had always enjoyed writing poetry.  Music was a natural extension of that.  I guess it started as  my own way of dealing with what was going on in my life at the time."  

Back then, there was very little opportunity to gain any sort of large scale publishing without a major record contract, so it remained a personal passion.  "I used to record on a Tascam  four track, bouncing vocals, guitar and keyboard onto the last remaining track and then starting over again until I ran our of room!  It was a lot of fun, but the quality was really limited."

In 2019, Joe published his first album, "Ebb Tide" which was made up of many of the songs he wrote over the years.  Since then he has released a number of singles, and began producing for and collaborating with artists from around the world.

Joe's latest single, Calumet will be the final single to be released until his second full album, planned to release in early 2024.