About The Song

"When the Wind Blows" is about the ghosts that we love.  I wrote it about my folks who both passed many years ago.  It seems when I least expect it, they wander into my thoughts and I even see them in myself.  I think the lyrics that best sum up the premise behind the song are, "When the wind blows open the door, I wonder if it was you  just saying hello."  There are these little moments in our lives where we wonder what someone special to us might have said, or done in a certain situation.  And the truth is, you probably already know.  This is just a very personal song to me and I hope it reaches you in your own way.  Thank you for having a listen!

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Song Reviews

I’m always excited when there is a new Joe Pope’s song. His music always manages to reach deep inside me.”

Edgar Allen Poets

Joe Pope is an artist that we hold in very high regard and is one we know has a great future ahead of him.”

Gifted Balance Records

Joe has invented his own sound with his subtle songwriting. He is an up-and-coming artist in the folk industry.”

Sinusoidal Music

When the Wind Blows” will resonate with so many for all the right reasons and will likely help those perhaps still grieving. ”

Rising Artists Blog

We appreciate Joe Pope‘s vulnerability on the song and have added it to our New Music Spotlight playlist.”

Kimu New Music Spotlight

“When the Wind Blows”, new single by Joe Pope, from its first chord touches the listener deeply. ” - Vitor Franceschini

Roadie Music