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By Joe Pope

Hello! I'm Joe Pope and this page is dedicated to Indie Artists that inspire me in my own musical journey. Many are rising stars and others perform right out of their own home studios.  Either way, they must demonstrate the highest quality in their genre to be included in one of my playlists.

I joined Indie Music Center in June 2021 as a writer and take part in the "Artist Pick" column. Feel free to click on one of the featured artists to read my most recent reviews, or click on the link at the bottom to uncover a trove of indie artists that inspire not only me, but the wonderful team of columnists at IMC.

I truly hope you enjoy their music as much as I do and if you are an artist yourself please be sure to submit your own music to me via the "Secret Link" in the Artist's Section at the bottom of this page!

Peace, Love & Music!


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