1. After the Rain

From the recording Ebb Tide


When I was younger, I felt much older
Mama said you should just take your time
I had it tough that’s what I told her
Wanted to leave it all behind

Well Man I knew it all back then
I turned from those who shaped me
Sometimes I see her in the clouds and the sea
And in the eyes of the woman who saved me

After The Rain - The sun it feels so warm
After the pain - It was one hell of a storm
After the rain - So young and full of fire
After the rain - We found our hearts desire

Misty morning and cloudy afternoon
Safe and warm by the fire
And I just can’t get enough of you
I want to slow down the hour

Another year gone and so much left undone
Yeah I’m still running behind
But somehow growing old beside you
It makes me feel so alive

Cause when the clouds are gone
And the light is so strong it can blind you
In light of the dawn
When I wake to find me right here beside you

There nowhere I’d rather be
Than to find you hear right next to me.
And no matter what comes
I know we’ll weather the storm if it drives through

Ater the rain - Your body feels so warm
That day in Maine - We sheltered from the storm
After the rain - No need to leave this fire
After the rain - Tell me your heart’s desire