1. Ebb Tide

From the recording Ebb Tide


You would think with all the time
That we have spent apart
Busy with the things
that make us breath

That we would lift our heads to find
That we had drifted just too far
And even though we love
We can no longer see

It’s not the raging of a hurricane
It’s not an undertow at sea
And in the end I have no doubt that you
will be right here with me

Cause babe it’s just an ebb tide
know we’re on the same side
And that we’re gonna get by
Just take a look around you
All the wonders at your feet

Cause come here in the evening
we will still be breathing
Our hearts together beating
We will walk together here along the beach
With the waves upon our feet

I still remember long ago
Before I even knew your name
It seemed that others
tried to hold upon my sleeve

You were strong and full of life
You didn’t need a better side
And all alone you were
Already complete

It’s not that I am cool without you
Or that I need you here to breath
It’s that you always were a part of
The ocean that is we