1. Prodigal Son

From the recording Ebb Tide


There’re too many voices fogging the window
Too many choices wherever you go
Too many opinions filling the ether
And all of this quicksand keeps getting deeper

Now that you’re grown up & out on your own soon
Know that I love you no matter what you do
Too many options here on the menu
It isn’t the food son - It’s only the venue

I think you’ve forgotten something

When you walked out the door that was all before
And now there’s so much in between
It’s a brand-new day; throw it all away
One day you’ll see just what I mean

Everyone can change and believe me now
That i am changing still
But you would not believe in the next few years
You will see the world for real.

But I remember us when you just a kid
Still nothing I won’t do for you
But you can turn away and, in another day,
Maybe then you’ll see what’s true

So if you’re on the run my prodigal son
There’s nothing more that i can do
But it’s an f-ing shame. There’s only us to blame
But still I’ll be right here for you

I think you’ve forgotten something

You pick it off the floor; seven second rule
And now it’s been 10 years since I saw you
So now you’re a man; check your point of view
But no matter what you do - I still love you.